This is a miniature porcelain doll of Bécassine. She was first seen in the first edition of the French magazine “La Semaine de Suzette” on February 2, 1905. Between 1913 and 1950, 27 volumes of the adventures of Bécassine appeared. The character Bécassine is still very popular today.

Little Bécassine wears her traditional Breton housemaid uniform. The outfit is made of green cotton with black velvet trim, a red and white cotton bodice and a white batiste apron. Lace panties and a red and white checkered slip keep her warm underneath it all.  

The traditional brown shoes and red and white striped stockings are china painted on. Bécassine carries her umbrella and red and white checked covered bundle just like in the comics. She can stand easily with a dab of mini wax at the bottom of her shoes.

Bécassine measures a mere 2 3/8 inches tall. She is perfect as a doll for your special larger Bleuette or as a special dollhouse doll in a miniature scene.  

This little Bécassine is made of the finest porcelain and is an all-bisque doll. She is jointed at the shoulders and thighs. The doll has been china painted and fired in a kiln 6 times. 

The Bécassine doll comes packaged in a gift box with a mini print of the cover of an issue of the French magazine La Semaine de Suzette on the top.

The miniature Bleuettes are the same size as Bécassine and make a cute scene together.

Miniature Bécassine will make a wonderful addition to your collection and comes from a smoke-free home. 

Miniature Bécassine $85.00
Miniature Bleuette with Doll $165.00




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