*** Quarter-inch scale Bliss China Doll Ladies*** 

**Especially made to live in your quarter-inch scale Bliss Dollhouses from Cynthia Howe**

I am currently taking orders for the Quarter-scale China ladies.
Note: Each doll is individually sculpted so each will be a bit different. All dolls pictured are sold so I will be making more up.
The dolls are dressed in antique fabrics so each costume is a limited edition as I only have small amounts of each fabric.
These ladies are about 1 1/2" tall and are glaze fired just like the antiques were.

They are $75.00 each plus shipping ($6.50 Priority Mail USA).

I will send you a Paypal invoice or you may pay by check if you are in the USA.

  The house kit is available from Cynthia Howe.
Cynthia Howe Miniatures

To order a doll please email me with your choice. 
You may mix and match hair colors with any costume.


a) Quarter-inch scale China Lady in Green antique ribbon (on left) Sold Out
b) Quarter-inch scale China Lady in Cream silk with fringed skirt and green trim (on right). $85.00  


c) Quarter-inch scale China Lady in Brown antique lace. $85.00  


d) Quarter-inch scale China Lady dressed in antique peach lace. $85.00 
 Made to match Cynthia's 4th house "The Elegant Suburban".


e) Quarter-inch scale China Lady dressed in antique blue and cream lace. $85.00  


f) Quarter-inch scale Rose Red China Lady. $85.00  






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 Quarter Scale Dolls