***My Quarter-inch scale Bliss Keyhole House*** 

 I just LOVE the new 1/4" scale Bliss houses that Cynthia Howe is offering on her
site. I finished the Keyhole house and wanted to make some people for it. As it
is a reproduction of an antique house I thought I would challenge myself and
make some 1/4" scale china ladies for it. 
These ladies are about 1 1/2" tall and are glaze fired just like the antiques were.

I am currently taking orders for the Quarter-scale China ladies.
Note: Each doll is individually sculpted so each will be a bit different.
The dolls are dressed in antique fabrics so each costume is a limited edition as I only have small amounts of it.
They are $75.00 each plus shipping ($6.50 Priority Mail USA).

Click here for more information on ordering the dolls.

More dolls coming soon!

The house kit is available from Cynthia Howe.
Cynthia Howe Miniatures

Dolls make a house a "home".

I did not change too many things from the original kit.
I did stain the wood darker even though Cynthia's kit is more authentic.
I added red trim to the bottom of the attic to finish it off.
I also reversed the wallpapers to make it reminiscent of my mother's house.


The lights give the house a warm glow.

The front door is on fabric hinges so it can open.
I also put a clasp and nail on one side to hold the house closed.



This keyhole porch opening just begs for a doll peeking out.

Close-up of the bedroom.
I used a matching green cotton fabric covered with antique netting for the coverlet on the bed.

Close-up of the dining room and parlor.
Cynthia even taught us how to make the rugs in her chat class.

This lady is much tinier than on your screen.


A friendly visit.

 Quarter-inch scale China Lady in Brown antique lace.






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 Quarter Scale Dolls