This is my Camelot project for the Mini doll list Yahoo Group:


This was my first time sculpting a dragon from polymer clay.
I was inspired by the Drago head tutorial and chalking class by Jil Weisz. 
Thanks Jil!

It was also my first try at using paperclay for a background castle room.
It was great fun but I still have lots to learn.

Clotilde has real eyelashes.



***Clotilde & Muffy***



After a sojourn to the north, King Arthur and his men came across a village
which was rampaged by his enemies. 
As they rode through the streets of the barren village 
King Arthur noticed a cowering figure of a young girl partially
hidden amongst the ruins. 
He had her brought to him and was amazed at the
promise of great beauty to come. 
Clotilde was her name and the King made her his ward after finding out her family was killed by his enemies. 
Unbeknown to the king was the fact that Clotilde had a pet baby dragon hidden in her gowns.

Today Clotilde is a beautiful young woman who adores the King for rescuing her.
She has a sweet spot for the King's Chancellor of the Gold and Treasures, Sir Hubert, and secretly steals off to meet him in dark corners of the castle. 
Her biggest secret though is her pet dragon, Muffy, who is not so little anymore.
Should she tell Sir Hubert of her secret? 
If the King finds out about Muffy will she have to send him away?......


 Muffy is very playful and it is getting hard for Clotilde to hide him.


One day as Clotilde walked through the castle corridors the evil wizard “Zylocke” notices the magical amulet around Clotilde’s neck. He is shocked to find such an amulet of power right within his reach of the castle walls!

Evil Wizard Zylocke

Clotilde prepares to lock up the amulet that she owned as long as she could remember.
She is yet unaware of the powers it holds.

Evil Zilock follows Clotilde to her rooms and watches as she puts the magical amulet away in a chest made of dragon scales before she retires. He waits for Clotilde to fall asleep in the next chamber and dreams of the power within his reach. He is deciding on the best way to open the chest once it is in his possession when…..

Muffy intervenes…


In the next chamber Clotilde rolls over in her sleep slightly wakened by a crunch sound.





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