Both of my daughters were married in 2006


Here are two cake displays that I made for their wedding receptions.

Pam & Joe (click on picture above for more pics!) The cake topper
Rachel & Dan (click on picture above for more pics!) The whole cake display
Rudy was told never to pick up Ripper! Rudy close-up

Chloe Chloe close-up
Chocolate Chloe Chocolate Chloe close-up

Modern Bride Modern bride close-up


Mandy close-up


Mad Eye Moody  

Mad Eye Moody from the Harry Potter Series

Princess Diana in her Wedding Gown

Princess Di close-up

Polly with her kitties

Polly close-up

Lady with a Rose

  Lady with a Rose close-up

Fairy "Hedge" on her favorite "hog"

Fairy Hedge close-up

Miss Myrtle  

Miss Myrtle close-up

Calypso Santa  

Calypso Santa close-up

Winter Angel 

Winter Angel close-up

King Arthur  

King Arthur close-up

The Flirting Lady  

The Hour Grows Late  


MSAT Logo Lady  

Lord Rupert 

Mixed Blessings 

Addams Family

Titanic Rose



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