1:12 Scale Steampunk Lady


Steampunk: A mix of the Victorian era and Science Fiction.

Up for auction is a very stylish Steampunk Lady. She is a 1:12 scale porcelain doll created by IGMA Artisan and Certified Doll Artisan, Lucie Winsky. This beautiful lady measures 6 ¼ inches tall to the top of her hat. Her arms are posable.

 Her outfit is made of quality silk, French cotton lace and leather. The silk top hat sports Steampunk goggles and small gears are used as jewelry on her costume. The Victorian styled black hair is made of viscose material.


Ms. Steampunk is dressed in a lovely purple silk tafetta blouse that is cinched at her waist by a silk jacquard corset. The corset is trimmed with leather straps and is laced up the back. A black and gold striped underskirt is topped by a bustle, which is made of a beautiful purple patterned silk that is no longer available. The bustle is lined with purple silk tafetta and trimmed with French black lace. She has black lace stockings and black leather boots. Black leather cuffs with gear clasps adorn her arms and she wears half lace gloves. A golden butterfly decorates her blouse along with a pocket watch and many gears.


Here you can see the details of her hat. The goggles have lenses and are on a leather band. There is a lace drape at the back of the hat along with a triple silk black bow. Many gears are used for decoration.

Notice the fine detailed china painting. I do over 6 separate china firings to build up the colors to give the face a life-like look. (Note: Dolls face is clearer in person.)


The details…….Here is a close-up of her left hand wearing the lace mitt. Her nails are polished and she wears a ring of gears with an amethyst center. Her right hand has a gear ring with a diamond crystal.

The boots are made of leather and are laced up and decorated with tiny gears.

Mold Credits: Stacy Hofman, Cynthia Howe and Dawn Adams.


This lovely Steampunk Lady comes with her stand and a Certificate of Authenticity. She will make a wonderful addition to your miniature collection and comes from a smoke-free home.




Thank you for looking and please feel free to ask any questions.



I.G.M.A. Artisan



Certified Doll Artisan



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