Make a Wizard’s Magical Wand

                                                by Lucie Winsky







Material Supply List

Fancy Toothpick

Clear round faceted bead (1/4” or 6mm)

Button/Carpet thread

Tacky Glue

Red and Black Acrylic Paint

Small Paintbrush (not shown)


(Optional for Smoke)

Tuft of cotton batting

Silver Spray Paint



Step 1

Paint tip of toothpick red for inner flame. Let dry.




Step 2

Glue bead on with Tacky glue. Let dry.

 My toothpick extends a bit but I am leaving it that way because I am adding smoke.

You may cut yours flush if desired.



Step 3

Now it is time to wrap the toothpick with the Button/Carpet thread.

Add some tacky glue at the base of the bead and wrap around the toothpick tightly close to bead.

Now hold the bead in one hand and spread tacky glue down the length of the toothpick.

Wrap the thread spiraling down the toothpick to the end and back up again to the bead.

Wrap a few more times at bead end.

Cut and glue ends down.



Step 4

Paint toothpick black.

The thread gives a look of old carvings.

When dry seal the toothpick with the varnish.



(Optional Step 5)

Spray paint your tuft of cotton batting with the silver spray paint.

It helps to hold down the batting with a toothpick while spraying so it doesn’t blow away.

Let Dry.



(Optional Step 6)

Put a dab of tacky glue at the tip of your wand and glue a pleasing strip of the silver batting smoke to end.



Watch out for incoming spells!!!




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