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AK#1. ANNEMARIE….………China painted kit  $85.00 (un-wigged) or Finished Doll $350.00  

Gorgeous sculpt by Annemarie Kwikkel. Head is attached to the torso. Drop shoulders. Delicate half arms and legs with boots by Dawn Adams are included. If you prefer you may substitute arms and legs from Cynthia Howe's "A 200 Series" molds CH8 Hallie, CH11 Noella, or CH12 Elizabeth.

AK#1 by Lucie Winsky

AK#2. PAUL….………China painted kit  $85.00 (un-wigged) or Finished Doll $350.00  

Handsome new sculpt by Annemarie. Head is attached to a full torso.  Half arms and legs for easy posing. Hands are detailed and posed to hold a glass or book. Feet are sculpted for easy shoe making.

AK#2 by Annemarie Kwikkel

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