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Easy Jewelry for your Doll
                                                                                                                            by Lucie Winsky

Supplies Needed:

Sulky Metallic thread for chain (gold)

No-hole beads gold or rose

Focal bead - Flat back pearl or 5ss gem stone

Tacky Glue

Gloss Mod Podge

Making the Focal Bead:

Punch a circle out of thin card using a 1/8" paper punch.

Lightly glue this circle onto a piece of foil to keep it steady.

Glue a flat back pearl or 5ss gem stone in the center of your circle.

Add glue around edge and place no-hole beads around pearl/gem.

Add a coat of gloss Mod Podge to seal.

When dry, peel carefully from foil to use on necklace.

Making the Chain:

The Sulky metallic thread is wrapped around the neck or display board with the ends going under the focal bead so as to have a neat look to the back of the necklace. First, add a dot of tacky glue to the chest area and wrap the thread beginning and ending at the glue dot. Add more glue and add your focal bead on top hiding the ends. Let dry. Seal with gloss Mod Podge. Dabs of glue and no-hole beads can be added along the necklace for interest. Seal with Mod Podge when dry.


Dip the ends of Sulky metallic thread in glue then no-hole beads making a cluster. Let dry. Seal with gloss Mod Podge.

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