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 Make a Garter for a Dollhouse Bride Doll
                                                                                                                            by Lucie Winsky  

Something old, something new

Something borrowed, something blue

And a silver sixpence in her shoe.


Supplies needed:

1.  A piece of white lace 1/4 inch (6mm) wide and long enough to go around your dolls thigh.

2.  A 6 inch piece of 4mm light blue silk ribbon (this takes care of the "something blue"}. Cut a "V" at one end with very sharp scissors.

3.  A piece of unraveled white bunka long enough to go around your dolls thigh.

4.  A 6 inch piece of 4mm white silk ribbon for a bow.


Step 1 

Run a line of tacky glue around your dolls thigh where you would like the garter to be. Wrap the lace around the leg beginning and ending at the outside of the leg.


Step 2

Cut the edges of the lace even.


Step 3

Take the blue silk ribbon and pick at the top and bottom part of the "V" with a pin until you can pull a thread or two from the top and bottom.


Step 4

Start pulling the threads to gather the ribbon.


Step 5 

Pull until you have a nice gathered piece of ribbon long enough to go around your dolls thigh. This is called ruching (pronounced "rooshing") and is a great way to make trim for your dolls clothing.


Step 6

Glue your ruched piece of blue silk ribbon around your dolls thigh allowing some of the lace to show at the bottom of the garter. Again, start and end at the outside of the thigh.


Step 7

After you cut the blue ribbon and make sure all ends are glued down as neat as can be, it is time to add the unraveled white bunka to the top of the ruched ribbon starting and ending at the outside of the leg.


Step 8 

Make a bow out of the white silk ribbon. Cut the ends short and apply tacky glue to the back and glue the bow to the outside of her leg covering any raw edges.


Voila!! All finished! 

This extra detail in your bride doll will impress people when they turn your doll upside down.

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