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 Medieval Dress Pattern
                                                                                                                    by Lucie Winsky  
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Fits a 5 1/2 inch tall lady doll.

UNDERDRESS: Using a lightweight fabric, cut out Underdress on fold. Seal all edges with Fraycheck or a thin line of glue. Hem bottom of sleeves and skirt hem with glue. Fold Underdress in half, right sides together, and sew the underarm and side seams starting at sleeve ends and ending at hem. Snip underarm seams. Turn right side out and put on doll. Fold each end of back opening over 3/8” and glue down onto dolls back. Gather front of bodice lightly to lie flat on chest. Glue low on chest. Glue small trim over gathering stitches if desired (may not be seen).


OVERSKIRT:  Cut 2 on fold. If using velvet or a fabric with a nap, make sure the nap is going down. Seal all edges. Sew shoulder and side seams. Press seams open. Glue hems at bottom edge, armholes, and neck edge and glue one side of back flap over. Turn right side out. Add trim around armholes. Place on doll and glue back closed overlapping finished edge over raw edge. Put dabs of glue on dolls upper back and chest area and pull overskirt down into glue to give a look of weight. When dry, spray thoroughly with fabric stiffener and arrange folds.

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 Lucie Winsky

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